MTB Shoe Range

The MTB shoe range from O’Neal has been completely redesigned from the ground up, literally, and tested by development riders in the 2K19 UCI WC DH series. Built to last, packed with features and competitively priced to deliver what we believe to be the best value-for-money MTB shoe collection on the market.

Pike Helmets

We set out 2 years ago to develop one of the best looking, safest and best fitting open-face MTB helmets on the market. The result, we think, delivers on our original aims.

Blade Helmet

We wanted to make sure that our product-value philosophy continued even with our higher-end products, making sure any O’Neal rider has the very best product they can get, vs any other brand out there, even those competing on the race track at World Cup level.

RMX Boot

Introducing the All New O’Neal RMX Boot – This entirely new market-leading MX boot has been completely designed and developed in Italy and delivers superior high end features and technical advancements. The RMX is a no compromise development achievement featuring a maximum level of protection and passing CE standard EN 13634 LEVEL II.

Soul Women's Gear

2019 sees the launch of our first Women-specific MTB riding gear, the Soul Jersey and Shorts. These have been designed and developed with our female development riders who gave crucial input and feedback throughout the process.

Mayhem Lite Gear

For 2020, the Mayhem Lite Line introduces the all-new Hexx which features an athletic fit and all-new microfiber 4-way stretch fabric.

Element FR Gear

The gear is the exact design Greg has been racing in during his 2019 WC campaign and if the gear is good enough for Greg then most likely it’s good enough for anyone and everyone. And we pride ourselves in making exactly what Greg rides in also available to buy. Same fabrics, cut, colors and graphic.